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Ivan Chermayeff once said "Design is directed toward human beings. To design is to solve human problems by identifying them and executing the best solution." 

That is my motto for every project I work on.

As a designer, I like to indulge in concept based design projects and help tell stories whether through a logo, print media, a mobile app or a website. I have been working with complex work flows and building websites to promotional design projects for a fashion company. The skills gained during the past few years of my career have proved to be an invaluable input towards my experience design career. 

I was born and raised in India. I moved to Seattle in 2008, adapting to a very different lifestyle and people. It helped me understand, in a unique way, the strong impact of culture, on communication, products and their promotion. 


I currently reside in Seattle and when I’m not designing, I am probably spending quality time with my four legged baby, Romeo, travelling or doing my fourth favorite thing, discovering the next restaurant in town.


  • GoDaddy - Senior Designer & Art Director - Currently work here

  • Substantial - Senior UI UX Designer 

  • Microsoft - Senior Design Consultant - Visual Designer

  • Anuschka Leather - Lead Designer

  • Akara Art - Visual Designer

  • Windows Phone App - Quest - UI UX Designer

  • Restaurants Unlimited - Graphic Designer

  • Amazon - Visual Designer

  • Imagekind.com - Graphic Designer

  • Seattle Central Dental Hygiene Dept. - Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant

  • Freelance Visual Designer

WHAT they say

Robin Barrow - GoDaddy

Priyanka has a very strong presence of evidential work from the off, very clean very considered and communicative to the point in both visual design and experiential hierarchical qualities. On getting to know Priyanka from the hiring stage to her coming on board reporting to me, I trust her implicitly to get what needs to be done. Articulate in reviews and innovative always pushing the dial a little bit further to widen our possibilities. Diligent and able to consider direction on her own volition, it was always very refreshing to see her present the work. Priyanka also has a leadership quality in a cross-functional team setting being the connective fibre between different disciplines to achieve optimal creative engagement. One of the good ones, I hope our paths align in the future!

Jose Arocha - Substantial
Priyanka is an excellent UX designer that goes above and beyond to understand the client, users, and their needs. Priyanka is inquisitive, leaves no stone unturned, and provides on-point and meaningful feedback. 
Priyanka is of great value to any team that she is part of and I'm lucky to have worked with her.

Anthony Tschopp - Microsoft

Priyanka and I worked together on numerous projects at Microsoft. She is a strong visual designer and extremely organized so working with her was always an enjoyable and smooth experience. Her strengths really shined during two major product launches in which we were tasked to build web pages, product imagery, and merchandising banners for multiple regions all while keeping assets from leaking prior to launch. Priyanka always did a great job of ensuring we delivered all creative assets accurately and on time. She is also always positive and ready to handle any project that comes her way. It was great working with her and I hope we can collaborate again!

Jayeta Mitra - Anuschka Leather

Anuschka is a unique brand of hand painted accessories available in several countries around the world. When Priyanka took on the responsibility for all our marketing and promotional design work, she infused new life into our creative communications. She was entrusted with redesigning our entire brand including our logo, catalogs, website and promotional marketing. By taking the core values of our 26 year old company and incorporating it into fresh new designs, she helped us break out of our old monotonous look. She is strong in all aspects of design, from initial conceptualization till we go to print, and all the stages in between. She can take a concept and execute it with immense passion and attention to detail . Her key strength is that she really listens to the client and is very patient in re-working the design until full satisfaction is achieved. Our catalogs truly show how our bags are a work of art, attracting new orders every season and helping us expand our market. Every collection we launch requires unique designs and she is able to come up with brilliant ideas and themes each time. Priyanka redesigned the entire website in 2010, working in coordination with the software developers and offshore teams. It was a challenging project and the end result was a powerful online brand presence. Besides the website maintenance and updates, she handles all of the creative for our Facebook page and it has become a wonderful tool to engage directly with our customers. Within her role she continues to expand her knowledge and brings innovative ideas. Our organization requirements have been rapidly changing as we grow and she has kept pace and provided invaluable support through the process. Her creative abilities and dedication would be a great asset to any organization. 

Jodie Eilers - Restaurants Unlimited

I am a graphic designer and art director at Restaurants Unlimited, Inc. We juggle 15 to 20 brands at any given time with campaigns and individual marketing requests. I needed someone to help me with many of the tedious and software heavy tasks during the months of November and December. 
She was wonderful at multi-tasking, making derivatives of existing designs, jumping from task to task, and taking direction. She completed all of the projects smoothly and very quickly, including developing web and email graphics based on existing print graphics, rebuilding artwork for which files were lost, organizing files, photo editing, typesetting, checking for consistencies, and going through many files in order to compile brand guidelines for existing old brands that had no guideline documents. She was also very quick to grasp the restaurant concepts for each of the many brands, which was wonderful since the learning curve to understand the brand styles is usually huge. 
Her layout skills on the brand guideline files were fantastic—I didn't have to spend any time directing layout on these projects. She saved us a lot of time, and consequently I saved my sanity through the incredibly busy holiday marketing season. 
I'm very happy I was able to hire and work with Priyanka and highly recommend her. 

Meghna Majumdar - open door learning

Priyanka exudes a certain sense of style and creativity in everything she does. Having had the pleasure of knowing her for many years I have witnessed her growth as a wonderfully talented designer on many mediums. Priyanka get absorbed in what she does which shows how passionate she is about her work. Whenever I see her work I am always overcome with awe. Her hard work, creativity and perseverance is directly reflected on all that she creates. Recently she designed our brand at Open Door Learning and it was amazing how aptly she was able to translate our brief into a design which we loved at the first go. She is truly multi talented with an excellent skill set and most of all a wonderful person. I believe that anyone who is not working with her is truly missing out on something. I wish her immense success as she deserves it all.