GoDaddy OfferEmails for Big 5

I currently work at Godaddy as a senior designer and art director for the Front of Site team where we design multiple landing pages, work on product design and email design.

My role in these are typically to design or art direct, work with the copy writer and designer (me or someone else) to create the emails.


Adobe Photoshop


Professional email, Website + Marketing and Security offer 

Email Series

These emails are designed to be sent to customers in multiple markets.

We try to design them in a way that the visuals and content work for all markets. 

Depending on the email and offer, sometimes we send out 1, 2 or 3 emails,few days or weeks apart. Typically we start with the educational email followed by the offer, call to action email.  

Professional email educational 1

V1 EMAIL 1 OM-19038 Big 5 Solution Serie

Professional email offer 2

EMAIL 2 OM-19004 Big 5 Solution Series R

Professional email offer 3

EMAIL 3 OM-19004 Big 5 Solution Series R

Security educational email 1

OM-19004 Big 5 Solution Series Re-run fo

Security offer email 2

OM-19004 Big 5 Solution Series Re-run fo

Websites + Marketing offer email 

ENG OM-19037 Big 5 Solution Series Re-ru