GoDaddy E-store



GoDaddy E-Store is a product that helps you to set up your mobile friendly store online

and sell on social and marketplaces.


E-store started with a UAE launch and now the marketers needed to push the E-store product in the APAC market, for which they are offering an almost 95% discount, trying to get customers to sign up for the starter plan, since in APAC they do not offer a free trial.

My Role

Lead the art direction while partnering with the marketing and product team to work on a new content and design strategy. Worked with the director of merchandising and the market themselves to understand visions and goals. Create and manage the design production schedule and pipeline and continuously improve the process.


Homepage marquee pain points & observations

  • The discount is automatically applied at cart. Do we need the code mentioned in caps in the messaging? We should probably re-address the message.

  • We are assuming customers are paying attention to the eye-brow and understanding what the product is since the code says “ESTORE1MO”.

  • “Get my discount” doesn’t imply we are taking them to learn more about the offer and to the landing page. May be a CTA implying the next steps would be a better experience?

  • The message doesn't clearly convey what the product is and neither does it tie into the messaging theme of the product page.

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 11.20.25 AM.png

Final results for the hompage experience.

Frame 1.jpg

Product landing page pain points & observations

  • ​Once we land on the product page (landing page) we don’t make a splash about the great, big 95% discount.

  • The marquee has an “add to cart” button which automatically adds the starter plan without the mention of the discount or sale being applied at cart.We should probably have a “learn more” or “view plans” button in the marquee, be more transparent and educate them about the product.

  • The sale needs to be more obvious in the plan boxes. Instead we are calling out the discount code which is automatically applied at cart.

  • Comparing apples to apples seems more honest and less confusing. We should compare the starter which is a monthly plan with the monthly plan for premium and not yearly. This could be confusing the customers.

  • Also we call out a 11% discount in all of apac, for the premium plan, which is incocnsitent with what the discount actually is. 

  • The blade images, talking about the product don't do visual justice. Visually the images can do more to showcase the features. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 1.10.17 PM.png


  • Identify what could be some of the key issues and improve the experience so that a customer can clearly understand pricing for a product and make the right purchase decision. 

  • We want to get more people to understand and be educated about the starter offer and sign up considering there is no free trial. Make it obvious there is a really good deal here - 95% off.

  • We want to help the customers make an informed decision and also create an intuitive experience. We want the overall flow of messaging and experience to improve and not mis-lead the customer.

  • Visuals need to be adjusted per market, and showcase the right payment systems and marketplaces.

  • Another visual factor that was important for the marketing team was that this product is multilingual and that needed to be showcased better.


  • Improved the experience so that customers could understand pricing for a product and make the right purchase decision across all markets.. 

  • Designed with a global approach so the next launch in the EMEA markets and other APAC markets could adopt this design strategy without much effort.

  • Increased sign up rate by 9.5%.

Localized showcasing Amazon
Localized showcasing Amazon

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Localized showcasing Ebay
Localized showcasing Ebay

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Localized showcasing Lazada and Shopee
Localized showcasing Lazada and Shopee

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Localized showcasing Amazon
Localized showcasing Amazon

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