GoDaddy Online Store, International Markets

To be tested in June 2022

With the new branding being incorporated in our website, the marketers wanted to test the new brand look and feel and new component on the Online Store page, hoping to get an increase in GCR and sign up rate. This is due for a international market test next month. 

Based on the positive results we received from user testing and preference tests we delivered the new layout against control with a more scalable and global approach. 


Visual Approach & Process

Once we nailed down the wires and the hero module approach based on competitive study and use testing, we applied a winner layout for the body from past tests and learnings. We curated multiple multiple concepts and delivered based on user testing and preference tests results of a variety of full page comps.


58% of the customers from multiple markets seemed to like this visual approach showcasing cosmetics and personal care products in comparison to the other two (left and right).


Furniture boutique store

Frame 7.png
Frame 5.png



Plant shop

Control/Currently Live

Currently we have multiple visual experiences across for the same product.

Frame 9.png
Frame 10.png