I currently work at Godaddy as a senior designer and art director for the Front of Site team.


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GoDaddy post re-branding

Godaddy rebranded early 2019 and we created a drastic visual change creating more space and bold layout choices. Here's an example of how I set up my sketch files to work with the developers and content editors for spacing and layout. 

Here's the website security page that we rebranded. There is a lot of visual experiment, layout changes, colors, overlapped images, lots of white space, reworked content and so on. 


GoDaddy pre-branding

This was a paid lander project. I had to solve for accommodating multiple offers on the page.  


  • Make it as simple and clean, so it's easy to focus on each plan.

  • Get CTA's above the fold. 

  • The customer should not feel overwhelmed or get confused as they land on the page, with the choices they have.

  • Call out important features.

This was a redesign for the personal domains page to rethink and restructure new content and design.​


  • The page has a lot of information, add enough visual treatments to break the monotony.

  • Keep the feel of the page playful so the customer doesn't lose interest with all the information and content. 

  • Make sure the primary CTA is above the fold or part of the header.

Technical information is never fun. And there are always customers who are not all about technical details. ​

Goal: This is not a page that will directly sell a product but it is useful information that a customer can receive when they click on the link in their email. The idea is to layout all the data and information in a concise manner, trying to make it more interesting with some visual elects VS keeping it all textual.

The Express Malware page was a fun one. I enjoyed working on the little details, like the icons, the sub nav, the copy hierarchy and so on.  ​


  • Solve for new content and reskin to new brand look and feel.

  • Work closely with the engineer to create the sub nav.

  • Design hero image such, that it doesn't need localization.

  • Call out important features above the fold.

  • Primary CTA should be above the fold. 

This page was another one done with a very tight deadline. So wires were pretty much high fidelity comps. ​


  • Reskin the main domain category page to match new brand.

  • Use new modules.

  • Try to get the TLD logos above the fold.

  • Create a version for the European, Canadiana and US market and a version for the rest of the world. 

This was a paid lander for Security around womans day. ​


  • Create the ad lander making it women centric.

  • Structure the information, making sure the "How" and the "why" have their own prominent presence. 

  • Call out features, above the fold.

  • CTA needs tone above the fold.

  • Emphasize on the SSL green lock.