GoDaddy Website Builder


GoDaddy has had a series of rebrands over the last couple of years. This page is a great example of a series of changes from rebranding to tests that gave us positive results.

Below is the before and after of the godaddy website builder page. Please see the notes along side to follow through the test plan journey.

My role as a Senior Design Lead was more to direct and oversee the moving parts of this project. I worked with a senior designer and a production designer, along side a copy writer and the product manager. I directed the team towards a global and scalable approach.

Visual Approach

Working with UX researchers we learnt about a lot of the industries that perform well from a visual story telling perspective, like furniture, wearable items and so on, we asked ourselves what do people shop for online, what can small businesses relate to and created a more relatable experience. 

I am always driving the team to think scalable and global which results in a more consistent experience across This not only results in a more uniform design experience but reduces the effort of production and QA, reduces the level of coordination between the email and social teams VS the product and marketing.




We started with testing the templates module first. 1 step at a time. Lucky, it was a win, we had a 4% increase in free trials sign up.

This was initially tested on another page, against the left right left stacked modules, with the intention of consolidating content and creating a more standardized and scalable design that could be used across all markets and multiple pages.


This also allowed us to get more useful information about the how and what, test and make room for the trust pilot and all of this without increasing the length of the page and scroll.

Our approach with this was again, scalability and globalization. We did a series of preference tests and went with the one that performed best. And here's the winner.

Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 11.27.03 PM.png