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A bit about me

Ivan Chermayeff once said "Design is directed toward human beings. To design is to solve human problems by identifying them and executing the best solution." 

That is my motto for every project I work on. I'm passionate about designing effective and impactful products and as a designer, I like to indulge in concept based design projects and help tell stories whether through a logo, print media, a mobile app or a website.


I have been working with complex work flows and building websites to promotional design projects for a fashion company. The skills gained during the past few years of my career have proved to be an invaluable input towards my experience design career. 

No project is big or small and I love working with a team, understand, empathize and lead to execute and build something beautiful together.


I was born and raised in India. I moved to Seattle in 2008, adapting to a very different lifestyle and people. It helped me understand, in a unique way, the strong impact of culture, on communication, products and their promotion. 

I am also very passionate about interior and architecture and when I get an opportunity I end up becoming an interior designer. Take a sneak peek into some of the projects I have done


I currently reside in Seattle and when I’m not designing, I am probably spending quality time with my family which includes my husband, the toddler and our four legged baby, Romeo, or hopefully traveling.

Feel free to connect with me via

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