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GoDaddy Online Store, International Markets

Test in progress (June 2022)


With the new branding being incorporated in our website, the marketers wanted to test the new brand look and feel and components on the Online Store page, wanting to achieve a 5% increase in GCR and sign up rate. 

My Role

I was responsible for the visual story telling and branding along with working cohesivly with the content and product team. I partnered with the ux researcher and director of merchandising along with regional marketers to successfully launch the latest test.

Project Timeline

Design kickoff to engineering handoff: 6 weeks


In partnership with the UX strategist and Content team we audited the current pages against which we were going to test. Design and content and product features varied from market to market and this led to an inconsistent representation of the brand along with confusing messaging.

Frame 9.png
Frame 11.jpg


There were too many variations between market from a content and visual standpoint. It had also been a while that this product page had a brand update and could use a redesign, it deserved better showcasing and marketing in order to attract customers. The product was not being explained well, there were no videos and inconsistent brand treatment across markets. There was more we could upsell and the page was being under utilized. The marketing manager and product manager were trying to achieve increased sign up rates.

Content Strategy & Design

Once we nailed down the wires and the hero marquee module approach based on competitive study and use testing, we applied a winner layout for the body from past tests and learnings. We curated multiple concepts and delivered based on user testing and preference tests results of a variety of full page comps. The goal was to gain learning from both user tests, presence tests and A/B tests.

Based on the positive results we received from user testing and preference tests we delivered the new layout against control with a more scalable and global approach. We wanted to have one design for all markets and get away from maintaining multiple pages. 


58% of the customers from multiple markets seemed to like this visual approach showcasing cosmetics and personal care products in comparison to the other two (left and right).


Furniture boutique store

Frame 7.png
Frame 5.png



Plant shop

Launch & Test

Launch & Test

We launched and published after a lot of user tests and ux research and preference tests. But the learnings we got from  A/B testing were worth rethinking certain aspects of our design and content. 

Measure Success & Fast Follow

While in some markets we got increased GCR of uptown and sign up rate up to 2%, in some it was not successful or in fact negatively impacted. 

We ran another set of tests trying to peel one thing at a time. We had new discoveries about how customers were confused. Video is important and reviews are important, calling out "online store" is important and so on. Parallel to this project we had a test on the trust pilot, that gave us learnings about how that could impact our project. Customers were confused how the online and store and website builder integrate and so on. 


Some of the feedback we received from the UX research team were as follows:


  • "Is this the online store? I didn't realize that it was specifically the online store for godaddy." 

  • "I am getting a bit confused with the layout, why can't we have the left right left layout?

  • "I am a bit distracted with the large visuals down the page"

  • "Hmm I haven't used this product before and want to see reviews"

  • "But how do I continue with this? so I go to the templates page now?"


  • "I am a small business owner for hand cream and soaps, I can relate to this branding and see myself as a customer."

  • "Oh wow, I love the story as I land on the page, I didn't know godaddy has so much to offer and that online store has all these features."

  • " I love the design and the clarity on what this product has to offer"

Based on all our learnings we curated an updated layout and strategy and are currently testing this new design.

Frame 12.png


  • We successfully created a scalable and global approach to design and strategy. Reduced creative production and dev work significantly, making review process and testing easy.

  • This project resulted in a contribution to the design system with a new category page marquee module and a new waterfall body content module.

  •  We have a more streamlined process for testing versus multiple design and content variations. 

  • Impacted the way we treat the sticky secondary nav. Based on test results it will be a roll out for all pages.

  • Adopted the trust pilot and contributed to a more cohesive GoDaddy brand experience across all pages that are having a brand update.

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