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GoDaddy Domain Personalization

To be published by end of 2022


As a leading domain name registrar, most of the customers who hit the GoDaddy homepage know us for our domain registration. The homepage reinforces this with multiple domain merch callouts. We have an opportunity to draw more focus on non-domain products to bring more awareness and draw more GCR/visits for those products.


In a recent study in multiple markets, when asked about first impressions of GoDaddy’s homepage, most participants said 1. there was too much information and  2. they were confused by the repeated domain offers in the domain bug, marquee, and product grids.

By targeting existing customers who don’t own a website product with specific messaging and offers related to building a website with one of our products, we are hoping to see a 3% increase in the attached website products. Also keep in mind that the US Homepage layout failed in the international markets, so reverting to this layout was the smarter way to go. 

My Role

My primary role was design strategy and art direction along with constant partnering with a UX researcher and marketer, connecting with the operations team and developers to understand the possibilities of personalization and lastly working with the design team to ensure all visuals were delivered accurately.


Project Timeline

Design kickoff to engineering handoff: 6 weeks


Multiple Domain Customers

Single Domain Customers

Pull in customer name and domain name.

Pull in customer name only.

Example of a full page comp overview of a customer with multiple domains

After multiple rounds of iterations, user testing and preference tests which resulted in learnings that customers want to see templates, here's what we landed on.

Some examples of user feedback

"I a not very clear with the visual as much as I instantly clear that Godaddy has templates to choose from and a website builder when I see this"

"For me it was quickly answered once I saw a variety of templates, that wow my business has something to choose from." 

"I am excited to go explore the templates and don't feel like I need to figure out what the image is trying to say"

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 11.15.54 PM.png
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