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GoDaddy Websites & Stores Mobile Marquee



The GoDaddy Websites & Stores page was using two different images across markets and had a terrible mobile experience. The objective was to improve the mobile experience along with thinking scalability and globalization. 

Marketer wants to see an increased GCR of 3% and look for ways to improve the mobile experience without updates to the messaging.


  • The GoDaddy Websites & Stores page is using two different images across markets. Do we really need that?

  • There are multiple languages of varied lengths we have to accomodate for. This creates awkward spaces between copy and imagery or image overlapping with header copy and so on.


We wanted to make changes by using trying a new module, which allows us to have a fixed image area, auto adjusting its height based on content and thus copy never overlaps with visual. This allows the copy to expand as necessary for different languages.

  • The image isn't telling much of a story and seems vague, also not in sync with latest brand and design library. 

New design solution

  • As part of a larger solution for multiple challenges I worked on a new marquee module. This was a good example of a challenge that contributed to my design direction for the mobile experience

Frame 3465136.jpg
  • We tested into the new design and component

  • We created the component to be intuitive so it expands based on content. This solves the problem for all the lengthy languages like German and Spanish or Thai

  • The design was more engaging and tells a story 

  • It performed better than the device shot version so we rolled out with this in all markets

  • Some markets did not like the false bottom feel of the previous design, this resolved that and scroll through rate increased

  • GCR improved by 4% overall

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